Quality policy

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Our objective is to provide excellent services conform our company policy according client technical and commercial scope requirement whereto comply, enhance or deviate from scope requirement after a gap analysis.

To manage this we have implemented our Quality Management System which is compliant with ISO9001:2015. 

  • Achieving high degree of client satisfaction
  • Services provided according our Global Energy workmethod compliant with scope of work technical and commercially 
  • Provide excellent services which are the project resources and solutions  

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Therefore Global Energy personnel is professional, experienced, qualified, flexible and highly committed to deliver the required project services respecting its individiual and company values. 

  • Awareness of company and individual responsibilities being client focused at all times. We operate within team environment open minded empowered with leadership within our field of technical expertise.
  • Commitment to provide excellent services according company policy within time and budget.
  • Create a business culture with mutual respect and understanding by working in a team environment. 
  • HSE Safety is highest priority while working we shall comply with our Health Safety and Environment policy to protect personnel, company assets and environment.
  • Business ethics are transparant and conducted with highest integrity.  



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