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PetroVietnam BSR Refinery
24 Nov 2009
Industry: Refinery
Client: Petrovietnam

Petrovietnam BSR Refinery Quang Ngai

Global Energy supported Petrovietnam on Commissioning and Initial Operations on RFCCU Complex Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracking (Unit 015 - 69.700BPSD - License Axens IFP).

  • Responsible for Control and Monitoring of operating conditions by DCS in Area and related facilities during the Shift.
  • Check-up process conditions by DCS and check-up product qualities by laboratory data in Area units. Request field operators to check the facility and equipment conditions and to adjust the proper conditions in field operations.
  • Change operating conditions by DCS for adjustment of scheduled quantity and quality of production. Control Start-up, Normal and Shut-down operations by DCS provide the daily production report by DCS terminal during the night shift as a result of daily operation for Production Planning Dept.
  • Training on the Job of local operations staff

Residue Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit Convertor Section & Gas Plant

The Converter Section comprises the Reactor/Regenerator Section, Main Fractionator, Waste Heat Boiler, Catalyst Handling, LCO Stripper, Product Cooling/Rundown Equipment and associated facilities.

The wet gas and overhead Distillate from the Main Fractionator are charged to the RFCC Gas Plant, which shall produce the following streams: Unsaturated Off-Gas from Amine Absorber. A mixed C3/C4 stream which is routed to the LPG Treater

LTU Unit - LPG Treater( 21.100 BPSD License Merichem)

The LPG Treater Unit (LTU) is designed to process the C3/C4 stream from the RFCC Gas Plant prior to routing to the Propylene Recovery Unit. The bulk of the H2S in the LPG stream is removed in an amine absorber, located in the RFCC Gas Plant. The LTU is designed to reduce mercaptan and H2S levels in the C3/C4 product, when charged with design feedstock.

NTU- RFCC Naphtha Treater (Merichem)

The unit is designed to produce a sweet (i.e. low mercaptan sulphur) naphtha product. Product from the NTU is routed to the Mogas blenders.

PRU- Propylene Recovery Unit 

Designed to process the mixed C3/C4 stream from the LPG treatment unit. The PRU will separate and purify propylene to polymer grade (99.6wt%) specification. The first stage in the process is a C3/C4 splitter, which removes C4’s from the LPG.The main propane/propylene splitting facility normally has two stages.