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Staatsolie Refinery Project Suriname
26 Jul 2014
Industry: Refinery
Client: Staatsolie Refinery Suriname

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Commissioning Startup and Operations Support

Global Enery Solutions is providing Commissioning & Startup assistance for Staatsolie Suriname Refinery Expansion Project called REP major challenge to achive objectives and mile stones. Services support for management operations of refinery.

  • Vacuum Unit 15,000 BPSD
  • Visbreaker 2,700 BPSD
  • HCU Hydrocracker (Chevron/Lummus License ) 10,300 BPSD
  • CRU Catalytic Reforming Unit (Platformer fixed bed/Axens) 3,100 BPSD
  • HPU Hydrogen
  • ARU Amine Recovery
  • NSU Naphta Splitter Unit (Naphta Hydrotreater) 4,100 BPSD
  • SAU Sulphuric Acid Unit (producing 33.8 t/day of 97% wt H2SO4 to handle the H2S of Hydrocracking Unit)
  • SWS (Sour Water Stripper)
  • Utilities and Storage and export facilities