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Engineers with excellence
13 Nov 2012

Engineers with excellence

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We provide experienced resources from our own organisation in engineering construction commissioning startup and operations for oil & gas, refinery, petrochemical and power plant projects.     

  • LNG Liquefaction and regassification train, cryogenic storage, BOG compressors
  • Gas Treatment Plant
  • CDU / VDU Distillation, Visbreaker, LPG Treater
  • ARDS/HDS hydrodesulphurisation, MHC Mild Hydrocracker, DHC Distillate Hydrocracker, HOFCCU Fluid Catalytic Cracker, Propylene Recovery, Poly Naphta, Alkylation
  • Naphta Hydrotreater, CCR Reformer, Isomerisation, Hexene-Benzene Extraction, VGO Vacuum Gas oiL Hydrotreater, Keromerox
  • Hydrogen Unit, ASU Air Seperation Unit
  • Delayed Coker, Coker Gas OiL Hydrotreater
  • Sulphur Recovery, Amine Recovery, Sour Water Stripper, LPG Tail Gas Treater