Commissioning & Start Up

Pre-Commissioning/Commissioning Management

mechanical completion

Manage Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities

Managment of so called pre-commissioning activities starts with setting up plan and activities workflow. Review  P&ID systems and subsystems. Ensure systems are constructed with design and engineerning specifications. Cleanliness as flushing, steam blowing, air blowing, chemical cleaning, equipment installations and system preservation, gross air leak test for ready for commissioning phase. Functional testing of the equipment, clear all punch items. 

  • Base line Planning is an essential component of a successful start up. Pre-Commissioning is a transfer activity from construction activities to energizing pant. 
  • It is important that the Commissioning and start up team understand the terms and conditions of the construction contract so that a known start point for turnover and commissioning activities can be discovered. P&ID development and systemization.
  • Early involvement is a must as from project kick off including engineering, risk analysis, contract strategy related to,cleaning, blowing, flushing, loop checking, equipment testing, reinstatments, sign off and handover / plant systems acceptance transferring custody and care.
  •  Workflow analysis is a critical successfactor and implementing Software to manage and execute pre-commissioning and commissioning activities.
  • Global Energy has experience to use Completions Management Software.
  • Has In-house expertise to be able to role out this software through the lifetime of the project.
  • Experienced in Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Startup of Process Units.

Pre-Commissioning activities

System and subsystem P&ID Verifications, inspections, preparations and testing of systems/ components, including hydro-testing, flushing, chemical cleaning, catalyst loading, steam blowing, instrument loop-checking and punch-listing, among others.

Commissioning Activities

Commissioning is the followup phase of Pre-Commissionning passing the Mechanical Completion milestone or systems are ready for Commissioning. In this following main activities are executed - Commissioning Preparation, Execution, Documentation and reporting systems ready for Startup. Integrated systems testing, emergency shutdown systems, hot adjustments, operational and maintenance procedures, training, LO/TO, valves and blinds isolation, leak testing, refractory and catalysts preparation and curing, inertization, among others


Support and assistance during the “oil-in” phase of the project, for best in class feed-in, on-spec product, operational stabilization and feed rate ramp-up to nominal capacity, including performance and guarantee testing

This Division offers also value-adding expertise on both ends of the customary EPC process by means of Engineering Assistance and Pre-Construction planning and coordination capabilities as early as the FEED stage; and Construction Completions work, by cost-efficiently expediting and accelerating resolution and closure of punch list items when General Contractors are approaching the end of bulk construction.