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Petron RMP-2 Refinery Project Philippines
15 Oct 2014
Industry: Refinery
Client: Petron Bataan Refinery

Petron RMP-2 Refinery Project

Global Energy Solutions was awarded a support contract by Petron Refinery Corporation for commissioing site walkdowns and advisory work and commissioning training and PSSR Pre Startup Safety Review for worldscacle RMP-2 refinery expansion project including:

  • Review Contractor pre-commissioning procedures
  • Advisory support
  • Provde operations training in refinery unit pre-commissioning, commissioning
  • Execute refinery unit plant readiness walkdowns
  • Facilitate in PSSR Pre Start up Safety Reviews  

RMP2 Refinery Units 

  • VPS-2 Vacuum Unit (Technip)
  • FCCU-2 Fluidized Catalytic Cracker, PRU-2 Propylene Recovery Unit (Axens)
  • Naphta Hydrotreater-3 and GOHT-4 Vacuum Gas Oil  Hydrotreater
  • HPU-1 Hydrogen Unit (CB&I)
  • HRF-1 Hydrogen Recovery Unit, 
  • SHP-1/2 Hydrodesulphurization (Axens PrimeG) 
  • Flare 2 System, LPGT 3/4, 
  • Poly Naphta Unit (Axens), KeroMerox 
  • Sulphur SRU 3/4 Sulphur Recovery, ARE Amine Regeneration, TGT Tail Gas Treater, Sour Water Stripper, Spent Caustic
  • Delayed Coker Unit (Foster Wheeler), COGHT-1 Coker Gas Oil Hydrotreater
  • Utilities, Water Treatment, Fire Water System