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Commissioning Startup of grassroots Refinery India
21 Nov 2011

Global Energy is proud to be awarded a selective contract by HMEL, a HPCL-Mittal Energy Ltd joint venture, to provide commissioning management support to execute the Commissioning and Startup / Initial Operations of HMEL multibillion investement Grassroots "Guru Gobind Singh Refinery" in Punjab, India.  

"We are mobilizing our Global Energy Solutions Team consisting of Commissioning & Startup Refinery Experts to run this challenging project and are looking forward to a successful Commissioning and Startup" commented Fred Talle, Global Energy's Commissioning Manager in charge of this project.

Project Details

 The Guru Gobind Singh Refinery will be a Zero Bottoms, Energy efficient, Environment friendly, High Distillate Yielding Complex Refinery that will be producing Clean Fuels and Polypropylene by processing Heavy, Sour and Acidic crudes.
As part of this project, the following are being established:

  • Grassroot refinery of 9 MMTPA in Bathinda, Punjab (200.000 BPSD)
  • Cross-country Crude Oil Pipeline (approx. 1014 km) from Mundra to Bathinda 
  • Crude receipt facilities - Single Point Mooring ( SPM) buoy capable of handling Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC) 
  • Crude Oil Terminal (COT) approximately six kms away from the sea shore at Mundra, Gujarat
  • Captive Power Plant of 165 MW for refinery power and steam requirements

The refinery will be a World Class, state of the art refinery incorporating the latest technologies enabling it to excel the current specifications available in the country. The refinery configuration has been developed after extensive linear programming, keeping the domestic and regional requirements in mind, the latest cost effective technologies available for generating required fuel specifications, and future changes. The present configuration translates into one of the highest Nelson Indexes* for the refinery amongst all the refineries in the country.

Designation   Unit Name Capacity Capacity  
          MMTPA BPSD
CDU/VDU   Crude/ Vacuum Distillation Unit 9,00     195000
NHT   Naphtha Hydrotreater 1,14   0,94 23700
ISOM   Isomerisation 0,28   0,32 9600
CCR   Continuous Catalytic Reformer 0,50     12900
DHT   Distillate Hydrotreater 4,20     91900
VGO HT   VGO Hydrotreater 3,00     60500
FCC   Fluid Catalytic Cracker 2,22     46900
DCU   Delayed Coker 3,00     54000
PPU   Polypropylene Unit 0,44      
HGU   Hydrogen Generation Unit (KTPA) 88      
SRU   Sulphur Recovery Unit (T/D) 600      

 This refinery is the single largest investment at any location in Punjab and is the first Oil and Gas industry being set up in Punjab. The Refinery is expected to create a large number of jobs directly and indirectly in the region, which will lead to industrialization and development of Punjab.