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Commissioning & Startup Total Refinery Antwerp Optara Mild Hydrocracker and SDA Solvent DeAsphalting
17 Jan 2017
Industry: Refinery
Client: Total Refinery Antwerp

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Global Energy provide resources for Commissioning & Startup worldscale expansion project Total Refinery Antwerp - MHC Hydrocracker - SDA SolvenDeAsphalting - ARDS Hydrodesulphurisation project

Global Energy provided resources Commissioning & Startup Supervisors/Operations for this major Refinery project, the activities entails prepartion and execution of commissioning:

  • P&ID review plant verification
  • Review and witnessing pre-commissioning activities in scope of EPC contractor.
  • verification and punchout, gross air leak testing and re-instatements.
  • Prepare commissioning by compiling method statements procedures for (tightness) MOP procedure.
  • Execute and supervise the OTP functional test for pumps and systems using Total Opercom methodology.

The Total Refinery Antwerp Optara project is a major investment project including new MHC Hydrocracker and SDA Solvent DeAsphalting Unit further works entails ARDS Atmospheric Residue Desulphurisation Unit ARDS1/2, Sour Water Stripper.

SDA Solvent De Asphalting Unit

The first component of the optimization project known as Optara project involves the installation of a SDA Solvent De-Asphalting unit

MHC Mild Hydrocracking Unit

MHC Mild Hydrocracking unit at the refinery to convert heavy fuel oil into Desulphurised Diesel and Ultra-low Sulphur Heating oil. The existing ARDS atmospheric residue desulphurisation unit will also be upgraded as part of the project.

Refinery Offgas Project

The second major component of the project involves the installation of a new refinery off gas (ROG) unit with a saturated gas train and an unsaturated gas train to convert the off-gas from the refinery into low-cost petrochemical feedstock, replacing the oil-based naphtha feedstock currently employed at the two petrochemical plants. The existing naphtha cracker unit