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Plant wide optimization

 plant simulation

Plant Optimization - increasing your margin based on holistic approach

Global Energy Solutions provides plant optimization projects using best practices optimization methods and process simulation. We have agreements with technology providers and combine our working experience from the running units with the scientific model, just like an 'expert knowledge' system.

Process modeling is an understanding of the process phenomena and transforming this understanding into a model

The steady-state simulation does not solve time-dependent equations. The Subroutines simulate the steady-state operation of the process units ( operation subroutines) and estimate the sizes and cost the process units ( cost subroutines).
  • A simulation flowsheet, on the other hand, is a collection of simulation units(e.g., reactor, distillation columns, splitter, mixer, etc.),  to represent computer programs (subroutines) to simulate the process units and areas to represent the flow of information among the simulation units represented by arrows.
  • The Module flowsheet broken into unit operations (modules) each module is calculated in sequence, problems with recycle loops.
  • Develops a linear model for each unit modules with local recycle are solved simultaneously flowsheet modules are solved sequentially.
  • Equation-solving Strategy describe entire flowsheet with a set of equations all equations are sorted and solved together hard to solve very large equations systems