Commissioning & Start Up

Process Engineering

process ingineering

Process Engineering

The heart of the success and failure both technology and economically, good Process Engineering requires multidisciplinaire effort to make excellent Process Calculations including Heat and Mass Balances bearing in mind the process conditions in all circumstances.
Global Energy has a core Process Engineering group.

  • Developing Project Design activities including the PFD's and P&ID's 
  •  calculating, reviewing and updating Line Sizing, 
  • Calculating Design Pressure, 
  • Temperature and minimum Design metal temperature (MDMT) 
  • Calculating Equipment Requirements, 
  • development of Data Sheet for main Equipments (Pumps, Heat Exchangers, 
  • Air Coolers, Reactors and miscellaneous). Developing Material Selection Diagram (MSD). 
  • Consistency Reviewed among PFD, PID, Hydraulic and Data Sheets. Developed Relief Valves Calculation. 
  • Completed the Design package.

HAZOP Analysis

The objective is to ensure that the plant design provides safe and economic operation.The study is carried out in a team of
stake-holders of engineers based on the latest issue of P&ID’s. The study is headed by a leader the main duty of the leader
is to conduct the procedure systematically and to ensure the correct execution of the study.

  • For each process unit the study commences with a brief explanation about the process including the temperature
    and pressure conditions as well as operational aspects. This introduction is followed by detailed information concerning
    the start-up and shut-down procedures of the concerned system.
  • Afterwards, a detailed node by node study of the system is done by the team on the P&ID’s.
  • As “node” an easily understandable part of the main process line will be chosen.
  • Subordinated connecting lines are hereby included in the consideration.
  • Each considered line will be marked on the HAZOP-P&ID’s in order to assure that no line will
    be forgotten or in order to indicate which line has been considered not to be necessary to investigate
    (e.g. comparable stand by systems).