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Quality Assurance & HSE Safety

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Global Energy Solutions, our QA/QC services team guarantee quality and control for customers with respect to defined standards and specifications.

Quality Assurance (QA) line-up warrant to the owner that the material or system meets pre-stated quality standards and will perform satisfactorily during service, at the same time our Quality Control (QC) group focuses on the actual measurement, testing or supervision of manufacturers own final product control, either by inspection of each unit or by sample testing. The inspection of materials or equipment is carried out in accordance with quality assurance procedures and a checklist relating to specific types of equipment, operational factors and the vendor’s quality control system.

Global Energy Solutions verifies materials, parts and final products through checks, audits, inspections and witnessing. Our service is carried out completely independently of both the individual manufacturer or (sub-)contractor as well as the purchaser or final user.